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Security managers get a complete overview of their fire detection systems. System engineers get granular control. Alarm operators get an efficient way to handle the fire alarms.

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You’re here because these are the problems that you face regarding your fire detection systems:

❌  Little to no overview.

❌  Difficult control over the system.

❌  Inefficient alarm handling. 

❌  Major negative impact: slowed down operations, loss of material goods, loss of life.

Enter Suricat™


Monitor. Control. Alert.
Within one platform.


Know anytime the real-time status of your fire sensors

Gone are the days of manual record-keeping and guesswork. Suricat ensures that each sensor receives the attention it needs precisely when it’s needed and automates the tracking of maintenance schedules.

Through intuitive data visualization and analytics, Suricat provides insights into sensor behavior, allowing you to identify patterns, anomalies, and potential issues before they escalate.


Control your system at the level of every sensor

You’re the boss of every sensor in the house. Want to know who’s been poking around? When was the last maintenance check? Why is that sensor throwing a fit?

Through intuitive interfaces, you can effortlessly analyze sensor data, identifying current status, metadata, and sensor history with ease.


Handle the fire alarms in the most efficient way

Efficiency is key when it comes to handling fire alarms, and Suricat delivers.

Need to locate a sensor? Easy peasy, just check the map. Want to double-check with some video verification? Done. And don’t forget to follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) – Suricat™’s got your back there too.


  • Charts

  • Counters (state of sensors, panels)

  • Ratio enabled/disabled sensors

  • Calendar

  • Reports

  • Search by location, item, device, zone, state

  • Sensor location on map

  • Control manually or by calendar, with justification, by area, panel, loop, zone, sensor

  • Calendar of the fire detection systems

  • History and meta-data of area, panel, loop, zone, sensor

  • Push notifications

  • Scheduled maintenance

  • Fire safety team contacts

  • Alarm notifications, details, actions, instructions, reporting

  • Video verification

  • Sensor actions, history, meta-data

  • Broadcasting messages

  • Calling list (people directory)

Compatible with all brands

These are the fire brands that are already integrated in AppVision™, so you can connect yours at a very convenient way.

How it works

Connect systems

This is where the magic begins. By linking your fire detection system panel to Suricat™, you're laying the foundation for comprehensive monitoring and control. Our intuitive setup process ensures a seamless integration, guiding you through every step with clarity and ease.

Load your data

Once connected, it's time to feed Suricat™ with the necessary information about your fire detection system. This includes sensor locations, maintenance schedules, and other relevant data. Think of it as providing the blueprint for Suricat™ to work its analytical magic.

Start monitoring

From this point forward, Suricat™ keeps a vigilant watch over your fire detection infrastructure, providing real-time insights. Whether you're at your desk or on the go, Suricat™ ensures you're always informed and empowered to respond effectively to any potential threats.

No more interrupted operations.
Enjoy a safer work environment.

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Fire-safe your building

Your questions answered

Common questions
about Suricat

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

Most of the professional fire detection systems offer a way to communicate with the panel, so we can easily integrate your system in Suricat and give the opportunity to improve you fire detection system.

No, Suricat will allow to monitor all your fire systems together in the same time, no need to disconnect/connect between every panel.

Yes, Suricat can manage all the existing integrations together in the same. You will be able to stay on the same platform to monitor brand A, brand B etc. No need to switch between different softwares. Suricat offers a harmonized user interface. The look, feel and command operations are all the same, regardless the brand you are manipulating.

You can check with your integrator/installer if there is a communication card in the panel and ask to install it if it’s not the case. Once connected to your network, some panels can connect immediately to Suricat and some require a “local agent” running in your network to make the bridge.

While map navigation is a great feature to help control your system and react efficiently to alarms, Suricat is built with the idea to deliver value from day 1. Without plans, you can have a precise overview of your system, control it in a granular and receive the correct information in case of alarm. Whenever your plans are ready, you can upload them to improve your experience.

Most of the well-known video system in the market are compatible with Suricat. Still, if your video system is not in the compatibility list, we can contact the manufacturer and evaluate the feasibility. Standard integration, like Onvif, is also possible. Reach out to us to check if your video system is compatible with Suricat.

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