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About Addvals 

Addvals is the added-value distributor of PSIM and digital twin solutions, with more than 20 years of experience in the security market. We’ve been promoting AppVision™ for the past 15 years, period during which we’ve accumulated as references over 100 active sites and over one million devices monitored daily.  

Our end-customers activate in several industries: education, banking, public services, offices, retail, hospital, industrial and government. We have an international and strong partners network that research, implement and maintain this powerful PSIM platform. We only work through solution partners, and we’re proud to have Alertis, Chubb, Collignon, G4S, Relaitron, RJ Safety & Security and VMA as reliable system integrators. 

PSIM Challenges: A Niche Market with Complex Demands 

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) has long been recognized as a niche market, characterized by its complexity and the perception of being an expensive investment with long sales and product cycles.  

Regardless of how powerful it is, a PSIM platform is still, by nature, a complex software and here are the top three reasons why: 

  1. Integration with numerous subsystem manufactures is necessary due to the market’s fragmentation across various providers. 
  1. You can’t buy your way out of the on-site integration services. 
  1. The functionality of any PSIM platform is limited by the capabilities of difference subsystem manufactures. 

And, once you choose a PSIM platform, changing it can be challenging – so you have to choose extremely wisely before purchasing and starting implementing. 

Another big challenge is that few security professionals and end-customers are aware of PSIM. And in cases when they say they heard of it, more often than not people see it as expensive and complex, that’s for big companies only, or that’s too difficult to install and maintain, too time consuming.  

While we tried to shift perspectives, truth is that there are lengthy decision-making processes and demanding project requirements that often lead to intricate, sprawling initiatives. This environment makes it exceptionally tough to scale and succeed significantly with traditional PSIM software offerings, leaving businesses searching for a more sustainable and impactful approach. 

AppVision™: Approach and Limitations  

Traditionally, AppVision™ approached projects like a Lego box — bringing a set of tools and possibilities to the table, but without a clear direction from the client. This method often resulted in clients realizing mid-project that they were uncertain about their actual needs, leading to projects that were unfocused. 

Projects became bogged down by their complexity, with clients desiring comprehensive solutions, but still reluctant to invest in the full scope of the technology.  This scenario highlighted the need for a shift in strategy, focusing on more targeted, manageable solutions.   

Strategic Pivot: Focus on Fire Detection Systems Management 

Recognizing the overcrowded landscapes of video surveillance and access control, we’ve identified an opportunity in the relatively underserved area of fire detection systems management.  

The fire sector was ripe for innovation, especially given the generally poor software solutions offered by existing fire system manufacturers. These products typically suffered from inadequate user interfaces and experiences, making them less effective for complex, high-risk environments such as large industrial sites where fire safety is critical to preventing major business/operations disruptions or disasters that can led to loss of lives. 

When we look at our portfolio, we see a lot of projects with only fire, as it’s the biggest concern and the mandatory law requirement. We have noticed a pattern among these fire projects: big site, many buildings, and such a complexity to manage fire. These are very risky/explosive environments, where fire can stop their production lines. The impact can be big, but still, companies are using basic tools to manage their fire systems. 

Suricat™: The Tailor Solution for Fire Safety 

We are creating an experience dedicated only to fire. Powered by AppVision™, the most open PSIM platform, Suricat™ is the software platform that gives a complete overview of your fire detection systems, granular control and an efficient way to handle the fire alarms.  

You get value from the tool from day 1. Suricat™ ensures immediate value by offering a comprehensive software tool for site managers to effortlessly control their fire systems. It includes a user-friendly dashboard for real-time monitoring of sensor statuses, easy enable/disable functions for zones and sensors (manually or by calendar), digitized action plans, push notifications (via email, SMS, smart phone), and a people directory. 

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Suricat™’s Mission: Making Fire Safety Engaging and Efficient  

With a focus on creating an engaging user experience, Suricat™ aims to make fire sexy again, transforming how professionals interact with fire safety systems. By mirroring the social organization of meerkats (Alpha, Mob, Sentry), Suricat™ emphasizes teamwork, efficiency, and strategic control, making it not just a tool but a part of the team’s daily workflow. 

Suricat™’s Unique Value Proposition 

Suricat™ stands out by providing immediate and tangible benefits from day one to site managers, systems engineers and alarm operators. It is uniquely positioned as the only software solution that combines an extensive array of fire safety management tools into a single, user-friendly platform. This integration significantly reduces complexity and enhances the functionality available to fire safety professionals, ensuring they can act swiftly and decisively when it matters most. 

Key Features of Suricat 

To prevent even better fire disasters and make work even more efficient, Suricat™ comes with: 

How Suricat™ benefits its users 

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Next Steps 

By focusing on the unique needs of fire safety management, Suricat™ is poised to transform how organizations manage risk, respond to emergencies, and maintain operational continuity.  

Make your fire safety management a smart, seamless, and integral part of a modern safety strategy: 

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